Emeke Obanor is a self-taught documentaryphotographer, a social activist and an advocate based in Nigeria.  He uses photography as a medium to raiseawareness around social justice issues, shining light on injustices facingpeople in his environment as well as across borders.

He became well known for his creative and artisticabilities, with a talent for art and aesthetics, he chose a career in Theatreand the Arts, “intuitive” and “fresh” have been the words used to describe thisexciting artist.

He is a recipient of many awards including AllardPrize, Michael Reichmann Grant, Critical Mass Photo Award, finalist in Photo 4Humanity Global Prize, finalist in Luis Valtuena International HumanitarianPhotography Award. His project "Tree of Freedom" was named best photodocumentary by OBBIETTIVO SOLIDARIETÀ in 2020. He won first prize inUnbreakable Nigerian Spirit competition, shortlisted in Global Peace PhotoAward.


2020 - Allard International Prize - First Prize

2020 - Michael Reichmann Grant - Winner

2020 - Critical Mass Photo Award - Winner

2020 - Photo 4 Humanity Global Prize - Finalist

2020 - Luis Valtuena International Humanitarian PhotographyAward - Finalist

2020 - Global Peace Photo Award - Shortlisted

2020 - Best photo documentary by OBBIETTIVO SOLIDARIETÀ

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